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In the past, I have searched the web for sites about people like me with a weight problem and how they over came their obstacles, but I did not find many where the person started out weighing over 150 pounds. So, I have decided to do my own and be my own motivation.
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Back to work
I almost never want to go away from work ever again because you get so far out of your normal routine that it is hard to get it back. Not only that but I have been given more responsibilities at my current client and a manager from another client is trying to make me do work for her as well. This sucks! Boy I sure can't wait until I have my 9 to 5. I don't know If I can deal with this. I am feeling stressed again and it's only the beginning of the engagement.

On a lighter note training last week was fun. Not the actual training it was a boring/informative as can be expected. But we went out every night except for Wednesday I guess I haven't been out too much so I just danced/drank the night away. But never too much because I had to be alert during training the next morning.

And to top it all off at training I met this guy from another office who lived where I am moving to for 5 months and tried to tell me horror story about the place. Mind you I am thinking that I am moving to a much better neighborhood. He proceeds to tell me to be careful because it is across from the criminal court house and that you don't want to be out late at night and how he was attached by a group of guys out on the street.

At first I was like oh no I made another bad choice I should have taken more time to look for a place. But then I thought about it. It really is a good neighborhood, I know not to be walking down the street at 2am, and he was a very little guy and maybe they thought he was an easy target to pick on.

With all that said. I have officially MOVED! Yay! My family and friends love me. I think someone broke my desk with out telling me, I think it was my sister's boyfriend because they told me about all of the other thing damaged in the move. Maybe I'm just singling him out because I simply just don't like him. I could tell he was starting to irritate my brother. My close friend V came too and I was so happy that she could see him and my sister in action and that it wasn't just me exaggerating. I think he could get on anyone's nerves, my sister's boyfriend. They even did the whole kissy thing in front of everyone. Don't they understand that after almost 3 years it is sickening.

If it wasn't for my brother this move would have been really horrible, he lead everything. That and him and FB got along very well. I don't know if I like that too much. I don't want them to become close friends and FB ending up spending more time with my brother than with me. Or it can be good because my brother approves of him, but then again if he gets to know him he wouldn't want us dating.

I give it a week and hopefully everything will be back to normal. Speaking of normal my mom might be going home tomorrow, yay! I talked to her today, she sounds so much better. I just hope she doesn't go back to her same routine and run herself down again. Thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers.

Ok enough for now. Outline of new fitness regimen coming soon...
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