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In the past, I have searched the web for sites about people like me with a weight problem and how they over came their obstacles, but I did not find many where the person started out weighing over 150 pounds. So, I have decided to do my own and be my own motivation.
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Happy Birthday to Me!
Today is the day. And for once I can say that I am happy even though I had doubts when it started. My first thoughts were that no one cares enough about me to remember. Yeah I know, bad me bad me for thinking that way. I think that I have gotten more Happy Birthdays today with out telling someone first than I've had in years. I got multiple phone calls, emails, and even a text message. I know it shouldn't matter who contacts me, I know I'm loved. Sometimes you just want to hear it or know that you're on someone's mind.

My brother called me first this morning which makes me tear up because he doesn't remember dates too well. He even forgot my mom's birthday 2 months ago, but he remembered to call me when he was getting ready for work when he's always rushing.

We went out to lunch today to a nice cafe and I didn't have to pay. The tradition here is that you have to buy your own birthday cake when it is your day. So I bought an ice cream cake. I know, I know, I'll be back on my diet and exercise routine tomorrow. I thought I might go out for a quick drink after work, but I won't as you can see the time below and I'm still here and happy hour will be over. I told myself that I will treat myself to an Italian restaurant by my house that I haven't wanted to go to by myself, but I feel empowered. Today has been a great day.

Tonight The Biggest Loser is back on. I have to assess my teams and pick my winning horse. Last season there were some really good transformations that I can't wait to see the new ones.

My other show is Big Brother and of course my bet is on Janelle. She has played the game the smartest because her behind should have been gone a long time ago and now it's too late. They knew she was a strong competitor, but they didn't know how much.

Ok enough rambling. Let me go and enjoy the last few hours of my day.
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