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In the past, I have searched the web for sites about people like me with a weight problem and how they over came their obstacles, but I did not find many where the person started out weighing over 150 pounds. So, I have decided to do my own and be my own motivation.
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The Biggest Loser: Disappointing
I was so disappointed yesterday with the people on The Biggest Loser, and most of all the trainers. Their attitudes sucked. I expected it from the players but not the trainers. When Bob (by the way I don't like him this season, Jillian left and I guess he's trying to play the tough guy, not cool) when he was going through the new guys journal it seemed as if his only goal was to make him feel bad about what he was doing. Hello he didn't have you to guide him. He did what worked. And the red trainer (can't think of her name right now) with the all or nothing attitude what kind of crap was that. It just seemed to me that the trainers were trying to make them want to leave as well.

First of all no matter how wrong or unchanging what they were doing was it work, and they were at home, with jobs, with family, and had to deal with other issues all on top of working out and eating right. While the people on the ranch have had their hands held acting like babies. I don't get it, why can't they respect what they did at home, yes they had family support, but if that was enough everyone wouldn't have needed to come on the show. I saw both of the two new people in me. I don't think I ate the best when I started working out, but then I educated myself and began to do it right, that's what the ranch is for. And I can definitely understand the girl, she was looking for the same burn or intensity that she was doing herself which she thought wasn't enough therefore expected more. She was afraid that she was going to revert back to old habits if she didn't keep up what she was doing.

I was ready to turn the channel expect for the fact that I wanted to see the new people kick the other people's butts. The red trainer came around eventually and was a lot softer, not Bob he was still an a$$. You have two completely new people to join the show who have had to do this entire journey on their own, I was happy for them. Everyone else was jealous. And the trainers were intimidated because this asked the question is what they are doing enough. Bob's cop out was "he didn't do it right, so there", who's 2yrs old? Teach and train him that is what you are there for, not to tear people down, you are no body! I miss Jillian, she was tough but she wasn't mean.

Last night was disheartening; people were acting like the children that probably aided in their obesity. I just wanted to say what if someone did that to you. Okay I'm done.

The scale doesn't want to register 170's, but it will that TOM is almost over, so great news to come this weekend or Monday. Later peeps.
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