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In the past, I have searched the web for sites about people like me with a weight problem and how they over came their obstacles, but I did not find many where the person started out weighing over 150 pounds. So, I have decided to do my own and be my own motivation.
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You would think that I would have learned my lesson by now. If I am consistent with my workouts and stretching soreness would be kept to a minimum. Of course I don’t listen because I’ve been in pain since Monday because of the break I had taken. I haven’t been able to walk properly because I don’t know how to take things slow in the beginning. And on top of working out with weights I am trying to become a runner.

Before I really fell off the wagon I could run a 10 min mile. Granted after a mile I would go back to a HITT style of exercise, but for me it was just being able to run at a decent pace that excited me. So now in an attempt to get back to that and even better, I am following the Couch to 5k beginning running plan. I remember Renee talking about it, how she talked herself through it and when she completed the program she was proud of herself. I want that feeling. Ok I really want a muscle butt…lol, and to feel good. I know a few people who went from flat to having a bump from running. And that’s all I’m asking for. I’m not asking for a miracle, I know what I am starting with…lol.

On a more personal note, the guy that I was kind of talking to, FB, left me a message today after not hearing from him in awhile. Meanwhile, I have been going through the told you so, and the what did you really expects in my head. I was definitely making things out to be more than what they really were, so when the phone calls stopped I was left feeling a little hurt. Granted it was a 3 week period in which one I was on vacation, but still.

Now I am debating on if I should see him or not. The old me would have said nope definitely not. But the today me says who else is knocking on my door right now? No one. So he can be the stand in until something better comes along. It’s not like his feelings will be hurt and if they were would I really care?

I hate talking like this because it shows my age. I am still young. I was always referred to as the mature one amongst my friends, but now I’m feeling so childish. Whatever, it is what it is. I will just remain focused on myself and doing what makes me happy and a big part of that is being healthy.
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