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In the past, I have searched the web for sites about people like me with a weight problem and how they over came their obstacles, but I did not find many where the person started out weighing over 150 pounds. So, I have decided to do my own and be my own motivation.
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Progress and Budgeting
I have made my third appearance for the week at the gym this morning. Go me! Yes I am sore as I don’t know what, but it feels good. I just have to keep it up and not let life get in the way. Eating is going well today. I had a little slip up yesterday. Hershey came out with the most amazing candy bar. If you are a dieter and are easily influenced, stop reading this paragraph NOW. The candy bar that I am talking about is called “Take 5”. It is a chocolate covered pretzel with peanut butter, nuts, and caramel. I’m drooling thinking about it. It is sweet with a lightly salted pretzel underneath the yummy gooeyness. I’m not really a chocolate fiend, but I think this candy bar has turned me out…lol. Ok I’ll have to live off of the memory.

There are always two things that I am budgeting, my time, and my money. Both are really hard, or require a lot of discipline to do. I tend to do well at things because they come naturally for me. Well I have a big challenge on my hands. I have to pass the rest of the CPA exam by February in order to keep the credit for the one I have already passed. This causes problems for both of my time and money budgets. I like my budgets because I give myself plenty of leeway for things to change.

As far as my time goes I don’t know how to fit studying in without really tiring myself out. I get up early already just to go to the gym and after work I am so tired that I can only do things that don’t require much thought because my brain really shuts off at 8pm (don’t tell my co-workers that, you know that I do a lot of pretending to work during busy season…lol). I thought making sacrifices for my health would be enough, but of course not, there’s always something else.

The other problem is in order to sit for the exam you have to pay for it up front. Duh! I can pay for one at a time but I end up losing about $80. But in the grand scheme of things is that really much? I’ve blown that in a half hour shopping. I also want to pay off the loan I took out against my 401k so I can have more cash available. I wanted to pay it off by January, but most likely that is not going to happen. I really need to stop pretending that I am rich and stop spending like I have it like that…lol.

Yeah I know I have to stop complaining because if I want to I can make it work. I’m thinking that if I can get up an hour earlier in the morning to study and study an hour at night and go over questions during commercial breaks I shouldn’t be too bad off. As far as the money goes I have it, my other plans will just have to wait, that and I need to tighten up on my spending. Hopefully I’ll get a good bonus, raise, and Christmas bonus, so all of my problems with go away then. :)

I’ll have my plans laid by this weekend. I simply have to do what I have to.
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