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In the past, I have searched the web for sites about people like me with a weight problem and how they over came their obstacles, but I did not find many where the person started out weighing over 150 pounds. So, I have decided to do my own and be my own motivation.
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Happy Birthday to Me!
I am sad to say that this is the only reason why I'm posting, but to put a positive spin on it. I am 25 today and I weigh 185 lbs. This is the lowest I have weighed on my birthday in pretty close to 15 years, yeah you do the math. Granted I am not at my all time low but I am happy with me. I still feel that I am beautiful and confident, and I hate to say it, but I look pretty damn good in my clothes.

The good thing is that I am celebrating my birthday today. It always seemed to be either on a weekday or I was out of town not close to friends or family. I am so excited. My family is playing hooky tomorrow, so they don't have to go right back home. And part of my surprise is my mother coming too. She hasn't been to visit me since I moved and that was over a year ago. My brother spoiled it because he told me my mom was coming this morning when he called to wish me a happy birthday.

It is all my sister's doing. She loves me. What would I do with out her. My best friend is coming too, so I am all too happy today. I can't stop smiling. Another thing is the calls and the emails. Sometimes you think that no one ever thinks about you. But they love me, they really do…lol.

It's funny since they are staying at my place tonight I gave my apartment a super overhauling. This is great because I haven't had the motivation to clean my apartment in weeks. Gross I know. The bad part is I didn't get to sleep until about 4:30am. and got up at 7:30am. But ironically I am okay. I haven't slowed down yet. I just dawned on me why. Last night I made ice tea from tea bags for the first time and what does tea have ladies and gentlemen? Caffeine. I'm special I know. I was wired.

So, everyone have a great day. Check out my twin at Reflected Thoughts (okay we just share a birthday…lol)

Diet starting soon I promise.
  • At 9/15/2006 7:47 AM, Blogger Ails said…

    Happy belated birthday SL, I hope you had a fantastic day :)

    Ails (heavy purring) =^..^=

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