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In the past, I have searched the web for sites about people like me with a weight problem and how they over came their obstacles, but I did not find many where the person started out weighing over 150 pounds. So, I have decided to do my own and be my own motivation.
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Day 31 Baby!
Hey people I made it! I proved to myself that I can be committed to an exercise/healthy eating regimen again. I know I started out rough but in the end it was worth it. This past month I have tried something new at the gym, 6 days a week may I add, and went back to faithfully recording my food in take even on the weekends. One thing I always knew that my guessing of the number of calories and fat in something was always way off.

So stats, let’s see, the scale is so mean but I’ll take it. With all the ups and downs I have lost a total of 3.2lbs. Not that great I know, but guess what…, you’ll never guess, I lost 2 inches off of my waist!!! Now that’s a “Go me!” if I ever deserved one. That’s why the scale should never be you’re only measurement of success. Oddly enough I didn’t have staggering changes anywhere else. But that’s okay because I have always longed to have a waist. I also took pictures this morning. I don’t see all of the drastic changes that I feel, but one thing I do see is the deeper indent which will one day be a real waist. I’ll eventually show the pictures, but I’m definitely not comfortable yet.

Another thing that I learned was that as much as I thought it was, my stomach is not my trouble area, it’s my hips and thighs, those didn’t budge or there was a slight increase. How am I ever going to fit into a size 12 if the hips don’t go down? That is the goal here…lol Well now I guess I just need to keep at my goal of being consistent. People don’t understand that you have to be strict to a certain extent and if you aren’t it could lead you on a downward spiral.

For instance, today I went Cosi’s for a salad,. I normally get the mixed greens salad combo and chicken with fat free balsamic vinaigrette. Well today with out looking at the stats I got one of there signature salads, but curious me couldn’t go with out looking at the stats. I think I shouldn’t have because once I read that the dressing alone had 28 grams of fat I slightly lost my appetite (of course me being me I could never really lose it…lol). Since this was a light day so the end results weren’t too bad.

I said all that to get to the point that my co-workers were having a fit that I was have a fit over a salad, like it could never be bad for you. It’s probably because they watch me everyday at lunch and I seem to be doing well. What they don’t get is that I want to do well when it is easy to do so, so when I’m in a bad spot for real I know that I have a long string of good days to out weigh my bad ones, so I won’t complain.

I have made the decision to extend my challenge to Thanksgiving. My family wouldn’t have seen me for a month so I want to show them some change. Actually I want to keep it going by reviewing results, weight, measurements and taking pictures at the end of each month. I want to stay strong while I can because busy season will be here before you know it and I’ll be fighting to go to the gym and to eat right. So again, I want to do it while I can.

I’m writing so late today because I’ve been really working at work…lol. We are approaching the end of the audit, so no time can be wasted. I hope everyone else have good things to report too. Good Night!
  • At 11/05/2006 11:09 PM, Blogger Dee said…

    you've done an awesome job Hun!!


    3lbs, 2in is brilliant, and even more amazing you've done this for 31days now. That's really encouraging and impressive.

    Sorry I missed our birthday! it's been a trying time for me at the moment. So I'm just getting back to it now, I hope you're taking care of yourself and keep up the wonderful work!

    You seem to be in such a great place mentally, I envy you ;D

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